Game Name: Amygdala
Platforms: Linux, Mac and Windows
Available Through: and Steam
Price: $10


MachineSpirit is a tiny South Australian studio made up of Ashton and Emily McAllan and whichever friends they can rope in for their various different projects.
Working on Amygdala were:
Ashton "Acegiak" McAllan - Game Designer, Lead Developer and Director
Sam "Entropy" Morris - Developer and Level Designer
Emily "Blackwool" McAllan - Artist
Eli Green & Julia Henning - Music and Sound Design


25 words:

A disembodied head ventures forth into a mystical world of treacherous platforms, cunning traps and dastardly enemies to confront the wizard that stole his body.

50 words:

His body stolen by an angry wizard, an ordinary man must venture into a surreal and magical world. Facing off against a menagerie of foes and a grueling array of obstacles with his surprising mobility and newfound psychic powers he discovers something important about himself and about goddamned wizards.

100 words:

When a man has his body stolen he typically has one of two reactions; he either dies, or he sets out on an adventure as a disembodied head, hellbent on revenge. Sometimes that adventure involves following a dastardly body-stealing wizard into a strange and magical realm, traversing treacherous terrain and cunning traps with surprising mobility and combating a menagerie of foes with mind bullets. Sometimes it doesn’t but in Amygdala it does.